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Anestis Delias - Markos Melkon

Anestis Delias - Markos Melkon

This cd presents two artists

PART I: The complete works of Anestos Delias
Delias played the baglamas, an instrument similar to the bouzouki, only quite smaller. He was a member of the Legendary Four from Piraeus, the group that established Rembetiko (group with guitar, bouzouki, baglama, one ore more singers and lyrics about the life of an outcast group) in th 1930’s. He was a refugee from Asia Minor, and a heroine addict. In the booklet we have included a narration by St. Keromytis portraying him during his last years. The tragedy of his life is reflected in most of his songs, both in their melodies and their lyrics. The few songs he composed and recorded are all in this album, along with his biography by an expert on the rembetiko style, Panayiotis Kounadis.


Markos Melkon was a singer and composer who played the oud. He settled in the States sometime between 1915 and 1920. Like most musicians coming from Asia Minor he, too, was based on a multinational musical tradition. This explains why his recordings include Greek, Armenian and Turkish traditional tunes, compositions of his own and songs by Greek and Turk composers. This album includes recordings between 1935-55 and a biography of his by an expert on the style, Panayiotis Kounadis.

Track list – musicians:


1. TO HAREMI STO HAMAM (The harem in the Turkish baths – A. Delias) 3:22
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
2. TO SAKKAKI (The jacket – A. Delias) 3:21
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
3. O FIGOURATZIS (The show-off – St. Payioumtzis) 3:10
(man singer: Stratos Payioumtzis)
4. TON ANDRA SOU KI EMENA (Your husband and me – A. Delias) 3:11
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
5. SOURA KAI MASTOURA (Getting drunk and stoned – A. Delias) 3:17
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
6. OUSHAK – TO TRAGOUDI TIS XENITIAS (Foreihn land song in the oushak mode – A. Delias) 3:19
(man singer: Stratos Payioumtzis)
7. O PONOS TOU PREZAKIA (The junkie’s troubles – A. Delias) 3:22
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
8. O NIKOS O TRELAKIAS (Crazy Nikos – A. Delias) 3:22
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
9. MAGGES PIASTE TA VOUNA (Guys, flee to the mountains – St. Payioumtzis) 3:09
(man singer: Stratos Payioumtzis)
10. KOUTSAVAKI (Guy with the funny walk – A. Delias) 3:19
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
11. ATHINAIISSA (Athenian girl – A. Delias) 3:15
(man singer: Anestis Delias)
12. MANES RAST-NEVA (manes song in the Rast-Neva mode – A. Delias) 3:15
(man singer: Stratos Payioumtzis)


13. ANAPSETE KAI SVISETE TA SPERMATSETA (Strike the matches and blow them off – M. Melkon) 3:19
14. OSO VATHEIA EIN I THALASSA (As deep as the sea – M. Melkon) 3:06
15. EHO MERAKI EHO DALGA (I’ve got pains and troubles - M. Melkon) 2:42
16. KARAKAS VARY ZEIMBEKIKO (Heavy karakas Zeimbekiko Dance - M. Melkon) 3:16
17. OGLAN OGLAN (M. Melkon) 2:46
18. TO PARAPONO TOU MARKOU ME TO OUTI (Markos the oud player’s troubles - M. Melkon) 3:13
19. SAKRAMENTO – BOSTON – NEA YORKI (Sacrament, Boston, N. York - M. Melkon) 3:00
20. MES TIN ATHINA TRIGYRNAS (Walking around in Athens - M. Melkon) 3:01
21. AH DEN EINAI KRIMA (Ah, isn’t it a pity - M. Melkon) 3:04
22. MEVLANE SYRTO (Mevlane Syrtos Dance - M. Melkon) 3:07
23. CHIOTISSA (Girl from the Hios Island - M. Melkon) 3:27
24. CIFTE TELLI (Tsifteteli dance - M. Melkon) 2:52

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